4 Aug 2016

Is nicotine being made LEGAL in Australia?

E-Liquids with nicotine could soon be legal in Australia making it possible for people to purchase eliquids with nicotine concentration of less than 3.6 per cent locally. 

Until now e liquid with nicotine is banned in Australia forcing vapers to purchase liquids with nicotine from overseas or from black market. TGA is now considering legalizing e liquids with nicotine legal.

Main concerns surrounding this is that big tobacco would quickly step in which could lead to public health concern which was once caused by tobacco. Another issue is that e cigarette is very attractive gadget and does not smell bad like tobacco and there are so many flavours available which could attract young people to vaping.  This could undo the hard work of raising public awareness about tobacco and cancer by normalizing vaping devices.

People often forget that e cigarette contains some or many of the chemicals found in cigarette although the quantity is likely significantly less than tobacco, and tend to believe that e cigarette is simply a harmless way of vaping a stylish device. The reality is that e cigarette can even contain carcinogens, especially when taking dry puff and in higher voltages. So, the bottom line is that we should never start vaping because of the hype surrounding e cigarettes.

There will be a real public health issue if non smokers start taking up e cigarettes. E Cigarette was never intended for non smokers or for recreation. Its purpose was to help people quit tobacco which is already a health hazard. Whether or not e cigarette helps people quit is yet to be scientifically proven.

These are main reasons why governments want to control e cigarette. But, people who are chronic smokers may want to try e cigarettes and probably have the right to try whatever they can.

Currently, no nicotine e liquids we can get in Australia does not help with nicotine addiction. If TGA eventually legalizes nicotine e liquid, smokers will have that opportunity to buy e liquids with nicotine in Australia which is a good thing.

9 Jun 2016

Cigarette Smoking Decline Dramatic As E-Cigarette Use Shoots Up

Image from Journal now July 2016

In US traditional smoking has declined to a record level of 10.8% from 12.7% in 2013 according to a US Survey. This trend is seen in the youth population in the US as the use of electronic cigarette dramatically increases. In 2015, use of e-cigarette and related products increased from 4.5 to 24 % - massive 19% increase. The fall in smoking is not only limited to cigarettes, but the use of cigars and other tobacco products also fell.

While the decline in smoking population has been seen as a positive news, the increasing use of e-cigarette is viewed as concerning trend by many. As the popularity of e-cigarette shoots up, anti smoking groups blame the availability of e-cigarette in different flavours is attracting youth. Read More: Winston Salem Journal

4 Feb 2016

Should You Be Alarmed at What Media Reports About E Cigarette

There has been some alarming stuff being reported by the media citing different research conducted in labs. Anyone reading these reports will most likely be alarmed at the prospect of using e cigarette. Many have reported that e cigarette is no safer than smoking tobacco. But these reports are mostly revealing half the truth and mostly give the wrong impression that e cigarettes are as bad as tobacco.

What did the study Findings Reported Fail to Reveal?

This e cigarette study published in Telegraph UK suggests that e cigarette is

2 Feb 2016

Why Electronic Cigarette Explosion - Facts you must know about E-Cigarette Fire

Millions of people are now using e-cigarette either to have the best chances of quitting or simply to stay away from thousands of chemicals produced during tobacco burning. There is no doubt that e cigarette devices are evolving with new product and design popping up in the market. From time to time we hear in the news and media about e cigarette exploding. While the explosions reported so far is extremely low, we need to understand what causes e cigarette explosions.

According to the US Fire Administration, 80% of the e cigarette explosions have occurred during charging and in majority of the cases the cause of the explosion has been the charger not supplied by the e cigarette manufacturer for use with the particular e cigarette battery.

Why can E Cigarette Explode

E Cigarette is battery powered and uses Lithium Batteries just like those found in mobile phones, laptops and number of other electronic devices. These batteries can store large amount of power in a small space and can be recharged for multiple use. There is inherent risk associated with lithium batteries but as we all know the cases of explosions are extremely rare and in most cases it’s the incorrect use that causes the incidents.

Even, evidence suggests that most explosions so far are caused by use of incorrect charging and others due to poor e cigarette quality and manufacturing practices, poor materials, bad design and poor quality control. 

E-Cigarette batteries use same technology as countless devices we use every day and none of the devices are completely harmless, yet we know very little about the danger or are even concerned.

Safety of lithium-based batteries has attracted much media and legal attention. Any energy storage device carries a risk and this already occurred in the 1800s when steam engines exploded and people got hurt. Carrying highly flammable gasoline in cars was a hot topic in the early 1900s. Battery makers are obligated to meet safety requirements, but there are shortcuts by less reputable firms and it’s “buyer beware!”
Lithium-ion is safe but with millions of consumers using batteries, failures are bound to happen. In 2006, a one-in-200,000 breakdown triggered a recall of almost six million lithium-ion packs. Sony, the maker of the lithium-ion cells in question, points out that on the rare occasion microscopic metal particles may come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, leading to a short circuit within the cell.

E Cigarette Batteries - Best Practice Guide
  • Do your research and find out which manufacturer has the reputation you can trust. See the reviews and ask the current users if you know any. But the most practical way to find out a reliable company is via internet, reviews, blog comments, etc. Most American brands are much better than Chinese brands as US has pretty strict manufacturing standards and the regulations are strict. 

  • Use the charger supplied by your manufacturer. Never use clone chargers or USB.

  • Never overcharge your battery

  • Do not leave the battery in charge and leave it unattended

  • Do not use batteries that have sustained damage - replace it.

31 Jan 2016

Public Misled by American State Health Department about Harmful Effects of Vaping

Electronic Cigarette use is rising in the USA and it appears that e cigarette industry is booming. As e cigarette is a new concept, there is lack of sufficient study to suggest whether e cigarettes use is safe. The demand for information about effects of long term use of e cigarette is increasing with the rise in the number of vapers.

Vaping groups in the US are saying that the American State of Alaska Health Department is giving out misinformation to the public regarding harmful effects of smoking e cigarettes. The president of American Vaping Association, Greg Conley says that Alaska's Health Department has been the worst on the issue of vaping in the contry.

"They were putting out ads and they still are putting ads that tried to deceive the public into believing that, if you're a smoker, there's no point in switching to vapor products because they're just as hazardous"
The American Vaping Association has expressed concern regarding the Health Commissioner's statement implying that e cigarette is equally harmful as smoking and that there is simply no point switching to vaping.

Alaska's Chief Medical Officer Dr Jay Butler agreed that e cigarette can be a useful harm reduction tool for a long term smoker, for example - 30 year smoker wanting to give up smoking tobacco, but he said that this may not be same when it comes to young people vaping e cigarette.

"If we're talking about youth uptake of nicotine products, it's a different discussion altogether, there are no 10th graders who've been smoking for 30 years, so we're talking about people who currently do not use nicotine and whether or not they're using it as an entry into use of nicotine, which is an addictive product,"
It is generally believed that e cigarettes are attractive new gadgets and the fruit, chocolate and other flavouring in e liquid may encourage non smokers to take up vaping and therefore present significant nicotine addition risk among young people.

Everyone should therefore understand that e cigarettes may serve as a better alternative to smokers but they are not something non-smoker should be attracted to because ecigarette is not harmless.

30 Jan 2016

Australian Doctor Advocating against E-Cigarette Regulation

An emergency doctor from Ballarat, Dr Attila Danko argues that electronic cigarettes have potential to save lives of thousands of smokers struggling to quit smoking. The article published on The Australian shows how some health professionals see the strict regulation of e cigarette as unnecessary. Dr Attilia has established NICOTINE ALLIANCE AUSTRALIA to remove the misinformation among Australians regarding risks associated with electronic cigarettes. Read More

Are e cigarettes harmless? Will e cigarette help quitting tobacco?

E-Cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular around the World with e-cig smokers dramatically increasing every day. The wide-spread us of electronic cigarettes can be seen mainly in US, UK an other parts of Europe as well as other countries.

In Australia, use of electronic cigarettes have been increasing recently but the law regarding e-cigarette is not yet certain with different laws in States & Territory. But, E-Cigarettes containing nicotine cannot be sold in any State or Territory in Australia as nicotine is categorized as Poison in the Poisons Schedule making it illegal to possess or sell nicotine e-juices.

Moreover, Electronic Cigarettes are not approved by TGA as quitting device unlike nicotine patches and nicotine gums, etc. which are approved NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products. Therefore, E-cigarettes are often presented as a 'less harmful' alternative to smoking mainly because the existence of harmful contents in e-cigarette smoke is less than cigarettes smokesAnchor.

The main question that arises is whether e-cigarette helps smokers quit. There is clearly a lack of study in this area and long term effects of e-cig products are unknown. So, it can't be concluded that e-cigarettes can be used as quitting aid like other nicotine products that can be purchased in the Supermarkets and Pharmacies as the effectiveness of using e-cig devices is yet to be studied.

It is more or less clear that e-cigarettes are not completely harmless as they contain some similar substances found in cigarettes. What makes people believe that e-cigarette to be better alternative to smoking tradition cigarettes, is that ecig contain lot less harmful chemicals than e-cigarettes. This gives smokers addicted to nicotine some hope that at least they have an option to inhale less chemicals using e-cigarettes.

No matter what anyone says about e-cigarettes, they are not harmless, so the best thing to do is to quit cigarette completely. The Government is worried about youth taking up e-cigarette because e-cigs are glamorized and may be attractive to youth.